The snow pantherthe docufilm by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier recorded in Tibet, with the original soundtrack composed by Warren Ellis with Nick Cave, will hit Italian cinemas from October 20, with Wanted Cinema: here’s the new Italian trailer and all the info about it .

Much more than a documentary, The Snow Panther is a philosophical film, which follows the famous wildlife photographer Vincent Munier and the novelist and adventurer Sylvain Tesson (his book “The Snow Panther” was published in Italy by Sellerio Editore) in the heart of the Tibetan highlands, between uncultivated and inaccessible valleys, where a rare and hidden fauna lives.

In the Italian dubbing, the narrator of Sylvain Tesson is the writer Paolo Cognetti, Strega Prize 2017 with the novel “The eight mountains” (Einaudi).

The docufilm features the original soundtrack composed by Warren Ellis with Nick Cave, who enveloped the images in an almost mystical atmosphere, between the whispers of Cave, Ellis’ violin, elegant piano tones, menacing strings and sweet windlines. The soundtrack is available digitally and the single “We Are Not Alone” is accompanied by a video with some footage from the film.

For several weeks, Vincent Munier and Sylvain Tesson explore the valleys of Tibet in search of unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult to approach big cats. The more the days pass, the more the two protagonists come into contact with the disarming beauty of the universe, wondering what the meaning is of what awaits them at home on their return and thus man’s place in the world.
So, isn’t everything made in front of man?Tesson wonders how he admires the landscapes over 5000 meters with peaks of 25 degrees below zero.
The snow leopard itself, elusive and majestic, here becomes the symbol of untouched nature uninterested in man, a metaphor for a world in danger that we may not be able to see in a few generations due to the disastrous consequences of human interventions.
A docufilm suitable for the whole family, that goes straight to the heart, steeped in poetry, beautiful images and the reflections of two men who come into contact with their deepest selves on the unexplored mountains of Tibet.

Source: Lega Nerd

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