Electronic Arts announced that We will eliminate technical errors once and for all Sims 4. The popular Maxis game, which will soon be 10 years old, will feature a special team that will improve the gaming experience. The developers have confirmed that they will release updates every two months starting in May.

“We know that technical problems with Sims 4 you have had your game interrupted over time and we understand that this has caused you great disappointment,” Maxis wrote on his official Twitter account. Sims on X (Twitter). “We have assembled a team that will invest in the core gameplay, including addressing the issues that have been reported to us.”

Maxis stated that the new equipment error correction will increase, as will the frequency in which these updates are deployed. The developers also promised that they would do fundamental improvements in work Sims 4. The next patch will not only fix bugs, but also include some optimizations that will speed up the game.

“Our goal is to fix more reported issues, both large and small, over the next six months and beyond to check more boxes on our to-do list,” Maxis said. The study will collect errors reported in Headquarters responses, a support website for all EA games. The developers warned that not all problems will be fixed in the next patch, as some require more time.

initial list includes major fixes, such as deleting messages in the user interface, sorting packages, or preventing fires at campfires. Another glitch involves puddles that cause your Sim to float off the specified edge.

Better late than never: Sims 4 They will correct your oldest mistakes

List awaiting approval in Sims 4 includes bugs that have been reported for three, six or more years on the support site. The game went on sale in September 2014 and today has 15 expansions, 12 special packs and dozens of downloadable content. With each release, error checking becomes more complex.

“We hope you understand that some issues may be complex and require careful consideration. Therefore, although we are actively looking into them, there is no guarantee that we will immediately and completely fix them in the next patch.”

next update for Sims 4 will fix bugs in the base game and expansions Dogs and Cats, Country Living, Renting, Growing Up as a Family and more. The pending list can be viewed on the EA website.

Maxis works not only on fixes, as it also will release a new summer content pack. The Sims 4 Season of Love will offer 2 free upgrades, 2 Destiny Packs, and an Expansion Pack.

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