After the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 delight Phil Spencer I didn’t miss the opportunity to make some noise about a project that had been rumored for a long time: portable xbox.

At the end of the event, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming gave an interview IGN in which he once again mentioned the possibility of creating a device with such characteristics. And while he didn’t confirm anything too specific for logical reasons, he did admit that the focus is on developing a console in the style of a Steam Deck or ROG Ally.

When asked about the rumored Xbox portable and its strategy to go where players are, Spencer threw down an interesting dart. “We should have a portable console. I think we need a portable console too.. I don’t want to say anything… you should bring Sarah, Sarah Bond, the president of Xbox, she’s amazing. For us, the future in terms of hardware is pretty cool; and the work the team is doing with different form factors and different methods of play has been very encouraging to me. Today was about games […]but the time will come to talk about the platform in more detail,” the executive said.

In addition to the initial answer, the interviewer tried to get some more information from the Xbox leader about the possibility of developing a portable version of his console. When Phil Spencer was asked if in a hypothetical scenario the portable Xbox would look like a Steam Deck and support the game locally and without an internet connection, or would it be some sort of extension of the Series Portal and PS5, Phil Spencer responded by stating that the first option would be preferable.

“I’ll say this. I love my ROG Ally, my Lenovo Legion Go, and this is fantastic, my Steam Deck. I think being able to play video games locally is very important.“, noted the director of Microsoft Gaming.

Xbox Portable Illusion Updated

Rumors about a portable Xbox have gained a lot of popularity over the past two years. The arrival of the Steam Deck on the market and the launch of countless similar Windows-based models made us think that sooner or later Microsoft will release its own console to compete in this segment.

Phil Spencer admitted that some of the handheld consoles currently available are very good. but they don’t look like Xbox. “I want my Lenovo Legion Go to feel like an Xbox. I want to be able to run the Xbox app in full screen, but in compact mode. I wish all my social experiences were there. So that it looks like a control panel. on my TV when I turn on my Xbox, but tailored to those devices,” he explained some time ago.

The irony is that the CEO of Microsoft Gaming admitted that The biggest problem with Legion Go or ROG Ally is Windows.. The lack of optimization for using the operating system on this type of hardware, which are essentially minicomputers, is a critical element that needs to be addressed. And this is where perhaps the main challenge lies in creating a portable Xbox that meets user expectations.

Lack of Windows optimization, a problem that needs to be solved

Asus ROG ally

“The thing that usually upsets me [de las consolas portátiles] They are more Windows based than device based. One of the weak points when using ROG or Lenovo is Windows. […] “Our team is working with Windows to make it even better,” said Phil Spencer.

A little over a year ago a video appeared hackathon internal, organized by Microsoft. One of the projects was a new Windows 11 mode optimized for use on portable consoles. Although this was a very early development, it included interesting elements and could radically change the way these devices operate. Among many, the opportunity to choose launcher Default: Xbox, Steam, Epic Games, EA Play, etc.

We will have to see how this story continues. Hypothetical portable Xbox, most likely don’t let yourself be seen right away, but at least it’s a fact that Microsoft has its sights set on it. Yesterday, the company announced the new digital Xbox Series X and other updated versions of its consoles that will be released this year.

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