Gamer, it’s your turn: Apple has lots of Mac games discounted in the App Store

Take advantage of games with discounts of up to 75%!

Gamer, it's your turn: Apple has lots of Mac games discounted in the App Store
Discounts on various Mac games will be valid until June 27, 2024

Are you passionate about video games and looking for new adventures to enjoy on your Mac? You are in good shape. Apple launched An irresistible offer on the App Store with a wide range of games for Mac Available at incredible prices. Get ready to immerse yourself in fantasy worlds, solve exciting challenges and live unforgettable experiences With discounts up to 75%.

Among the available titles This offer will last until June 27thThere are: Valheim, Death Stranding, Lies of P, Resident Evil Village, Return to Monkey Island, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Inscryption, GRIS, SnowRunner.

Discounted games on App Store


Discounted price: 9.99 euros

Do you dream of entering Valhalla? You must prove your worth by facing gigantic monsters, building majestic castles, and exploring forests and mountains full of dangers. You should enter these natural landscapes, either alone or with your friends, and experience a unique adventure.

Coast of Death

Discounted price: 22.99 euros

From the visionary mind of Hideo Kojima comes Death Stranding, an epic adventure that positions you as humanity’s last hope in a devastated world. You should be prepared to experience an unprecedented experience where narrative is masterfully intertwined with game mechanics.

P’s lies

Discounted price: 41.99 euros

P’s lies Transforms the famous wooden hero Pinocchio into a cunning warrior explores a fascinating but deadly city.

Deadly Evil Village

Discounted price: 15.99 euros

Rescue a young kidnapped girl in the lush forests of Eastern EuropeA region hiding Gothic castles, creepy factories, and a town besieged by greedy creatures is the challenging part of this adventure.

Finding it will force you to go through these chilling scenarios and fight against disgusting supernatural enemies. It’s also an adventure you can enjoy as a prelude to the release of Resident Evil 7.

Return to Monkey Island

Discounted price: 14.99 euros

The lovable pirate returns to the fray in Return to Monkey Island, the sixth installment in the acclaimed point-and-click adventure series. Solve awesome crazy puzzles, meet up with old friends Like Murray, talking skull and Prove that you can solve the mystery of Monkey Island once and for all.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Discounted price: 34.99 euros

This is fascinating virtual life simulatorPlayers will be able to create a fantasy character in their own image and likeness and be transported to a magical town where Mickey Mouse lives next door. But not everything is rosy in this game. The inhabitants of this magnificent place are losing their happy memories at the hands of a strange and evil force.


Discounted price: 9.99 euros

Hidden inside a malevolent shack is a creepy figure who invites you to play a game of cards. Accepting the challenge and collecting wolves, frogs, bedbugs, and all manner of creatures will challenge players to engage in tense clashes against the fearsome army.


Discounted price: 2.99 euros

This beautiful and fascinating puzzle platform game is a digital artwork that explores emotions such as sadness, hope, and the triumph that comes with succeeding in rebuilding life after a tragic loss. Each level of the game is carefully hand-illustrated and is based on one of the five stages of grief.

Snow Runner

Discounted price: 2.99 euros

To reach your goal in SnowRunner, You won’t be able to resort to the safety of a good road. Luckily, the game puts an incredible fleet of off-road vehicles at your disposal. The missions cover a variety of tasks, such as transporting pipe parts or rescuing a cargo that has spilled into a river.


Discounted price: 9.99 euros

There’s a scary feeling in the mysterious world of Inside, but The exciting story of this silent game full of platforms and puzzles turns it into an unforgettable adventure. From the frantic opening moments, the tension never lets up.

Disco Elysium – Final Cut

Discounted price: €9.99 euro

this title It puts the player in the role of a detective who has lost his badge, gun and memory, and who has just woken up to find a dead body behind the run-down hotel.. Facing challenges will require managing a complex system of developable personalities and conversational skills, such as being able to spin convincing lies or plant morally reprehensible ideas into other people’s heads.

LUNA Shadow Powder

Discounted price: 9.99 euros

This point-and-click adventure with richly illustrated storytelling He entrusts a young hero and his feline friend with an amazing mission: Reach the top of an ancient, magical tower that appears out of nowhere. The mysterious building’s elaborate rooms hold creative challenges and absolutely wonderful surprises.

Transport Fire 2

Discounted price: 19.99 euros

In Transport Fire The mission is to bring together all forms of transportation to build a business empire that progresses through time. This wonderfully detailed simulator begins in 1850, when all you had was a little money and a big dream.

Apple occasionally surprises us with these incredible entertainment offerings on the Mac, but if you want to have options on other devices as well, we recommend reading our selection of free browser games for iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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