Avoiding the dragon’s misfortune, San Marcos de León tames hearts, bad feelings, bad thoughts; they are unhappy with me.

Peace, peace, Christ, Christ, sovereignty.

– Prayer to San Marcos de León

Found covered in blood and wrapped in a blanket Gloria Aidee Huertas Riano in the elevator of the Parques de Primavera residential complex in the town Aranda Bridge, BogotaIn the early morning hours of March 24, 2019.

It was a neighbor who found him and immediately alerted the security personnel to help rescue him, because although he was weak, he was still alive.

After I took him out on the stretcher san jose hospitalAt the time, enthusiasts peered into apartment 510 of tower 5, where Gloria lived with her husband, Police patrol Iván Zorro, and their two children, aged 10 and 7. The scene was scary.

The guards found the dead bodies of three people. The blood stained most of the walls and objects of the house. In one room, the small bodies of Gloria Aideé’s children lay on top of a bed.

The news shocked the nation’s capital. This 37-year-old nurse told the authorities and the media that Iván Zorro attacked her two children with a kitchen knife and then tried to kill her.

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He assured that it was a vigorous conflict, because, blinded by the death of his children, he defended himself as best he could, and eventually killed his partner in self-defense.

Gloria had multiple wounds on her body: seven on her stomach, three on her chest, one on her neck, and others on her back and arms.

When Gloria managed to recover from her injuries on the morning of April 4, she was detained by the authorities at the courthouse. Peace Clinic, He was charged with being responsible for the triple crime, to which he was sent to continue his treatment.

According to the hearing and statements made to EL TIEMPOThe events leading up to the death of this man and two minors began the night before, on March 23, at a bar in the Galán district in this part of the country’s capital.

According to Gloria Aideé herself, the couple was at a weak spot in the relationship, so they decided to go out to fix their emotional state. But liquor and some confessions caused the discussion to escalate.

At home, two little slept. Returning home after being out for three hours, the couple continued to argue. Many neighbors said that when they were consulted by the authorities, they heard a strong argument and even the furniture being dragged.

According to EL TIEMPO records, several witnesses agree on one thing: When Gloria Aideé shouted “for that woman, for that woman” over and over at 2 am, they all listened.

In a re-enactment of events conducted by the prosecution, the couple ended the argument and Iván fell asleep on the sofa, in a state of high drunkenness, and fell asleep almost instantly.

The 20th criminal court of the Bogota district convicted Gloria Aideé Huertas Riaño He was sentenced to 50 years in prison for triple offense in August 2020.

The judge considered that in addition to the fact that house arrest could hinder the progress of the investigation, a measure other than detention at the prison center could pose a risk to society.

In the ruling, the judge ruled that there was no discussion on four aspects of the case.

First, the murders were committed violently and while the three victims were asleep; secondly, there is no doubt that Gloria Aideé killed Iván Zorro, as she herself stated in some audio recordings found by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Third, there is inconsistency in the defense statements, since the first statement was submitted to the court. judicial policeIn another statement, Huertas gave to the doctor who treated her at the San José hospital, she stated that her husband killed her children and reacted blindly to anger.

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Two knives were found in the family’s apartment where the murders may have been committed. It was also found that Iván Zorro’s body was moved from the main room to the door.

During the investigations, residents of the residential complex came to apartment 510 of tower 5 to drop a flower or light a candle as yellow police tapes let them pass.

Regarding the children, it was determined that the eldest was the son of a previous relationship with the nurse, while the youngest was the son of patrol officer Iván Zorro.

The Huertas Riaño family gave several statements. TIME which question was always the same: why? Why did Gloria kill her own children?

For Belisario Valbuena, a forensic psychologist specializing in the analysis of criminal behavior, there is a special case in Gloria’s case that is unfortunately all too common in Colombian homes and Latin America in general:Jealousy, excessive jealousy disorder that becomes pathological.

“He was apparently controlling and jealous of his partner,” says Valbuena. An interesting thing analyzed from criminalist profiling the youngest child received 11 stab wounds in the chest, while the eldest child received 6 injuries; This shows that there is much more meaningful and emotional violence against minors, because the anger to end everything about his partner, the desire to destroy Ivan. ”

For the expert, Gloria’s descriptions of the attack on her patrol car are inaccurate, as forensic evidence shows that Iván Zorro suffered defensive injuries as he tried to save his life.

Valbuena adds that the children’s situation is different because perhaps one wakes up while attacking the other, but the situation leads to paralysis because seeing them as their own mother creates a sense of unreality. running hard or screaming

“It caught my attention because he posted a prayer to San Marcos de León on Facebook days before the events,” Valbuena says. It is a prayer that people often use to connect the hearts of their loved ones. Well, He already thought they were going to leave him and was looking for a way to keep him and found him in crime.”

Another analysis from criminological profiling shows that the injuries he caused resulted from a simulation showing he was aware of what he was doing, so he sought a way to hide it.

The expert points out, among other things, that although a test is carried out to confirm that the specified person is in good mental health, this case may be due to psychopathic features that are not easily distinguished, but in a state of extreme jealousy. could come to the fore and cause such a tragedy.

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According to defense attorney Orlando González Payares, the case Gloria Assistant It is still an unclosed case.

Attorney, witnesses used by the Prosecutor’s Office They never spoke definitively because no one saw what happened in the house that morning.

“It is only a contingent indication that leads to probable consequences, not definitive judgments—it points to the lawyer. He already assured that he killed Iván Zorro, but did not touch the children, he insists that the husband killed the children, filled with anger and killed him.

Currently, according to the lawyer, there is an extraordinary appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice to examine the alleged error made by the court, as they did not read the defense’s appeal.

“The prosecution did not make a statement and did not want to examine the bodies to find out who died first,” González Payares said. Despite this evidence, the court accepts the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office as evidence.”

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