Cupertino annually improve the iPhone camera and add a few software chips to the standard application for shooting. Many of the features appear in presentations and commercials, but some of the features appeared behind the scenes.

Now it is customary to consider three non-obvious features of the iPhone camera that occur in everyday shooting of photos and videos.

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1. Fine-tuning the exposure

If you need to change the exposure settings frequently while shooting,

▶ Open the camera settings menu, to do this, while shooting, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

▶ Press the exposure control button (the indicator “±”).

▶ Change the value to anything other than the default.

▶ You can then close the panel and use the new exposure adjustment indicator on the left side of the screen.

2. Fixing focus on an object in the frame

The iPhone camera has long been used in the decision-making process and in most cases correctly selects the right object in the frame. However, in difficult shooting conditions, a manual focus lock system will come in handy.

If there are a lot of moving objects in the frame or actively moving with an iPhone without manual fixation, the focus will constantly “jump” between objects, some pictures become out of focus or with different exposure settings.

To reduce thickness in post and sharpen bad shots, keep focus. For this linger for a few seconds on the desired object in the frame. After that, it is especially noticeable at the top of the screen.

Apply this trick both when taking a photo and while recording a video. To switch back to edit mode, simply touch anywhere on the screen.

3. Rotate your smartphone to take cool angles

The smartphone camera module is located at the top of the device, and most of the senses are located exactly where the gadget is located. However, when you turn the device upside down, you can get cooler and more unusual shots.

Task place the camera module as close to the ground as possible and shoot from position, from the floor or some kind of bottom stand.

So there are very unusual photos at a party, especially when assembling a wide-angle camera module.

Now you know how to diversify your shots and get the most out of your smartphone cameras.

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