The controversy is not over for Colombian ‘influential’ Carlos Feria. This time the man is in front of the public and the authorities. His treatment of his little girl in the videos he made for his social networks.

Feria, who stepped into the digital world with a YouTube channel in 2015, has now gained recognition on TikTok and Instagram, where she has millions of followers, with her content consisting of challenges, stories, dances, jokes and vlogs.

Most of the content of “Influencer” is made by his partner Adriana Valcárcel and their four-year-old daughter Salomé. His wife is also a famous ‘tiktoker’ and ‘youtuber’ he met in 2018.


While the controversy over the attack on his wife subsided, things got complicated again for the “youtuber” after accusations that his daughter was mistreated, which several Internet users denounced.

Although it’s been a long time Some people criticized Feria’s treatment of her little girl for creating “funny” content.The issue gained more visibility a few days ago when psychologist Vanesaa Tejada compiled a few of these examples and questioned what Feria was doing with the minor.

“It’s very fashionable to be an ‘influencer’ now, but at what cost? What is happening to us as a society? Such behavior is alarming, but even more worrying is those who consume this type of content and find it attractive. There are childhood traumas. Mental health is not a game,” wrote the psychologist on Instagram to your account.

this thursday, The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare commented on Tejada’s post on videos of the Fair with her daughter: “Good morning. We request the city and location of the minor’s guardian. Thank you.”

Hundreds of users asked the ICBF to intervene and identified Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcárcel.

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Source: Exame

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