Today Electronic Arts was officially presented title of the historical series dedicated to skateboard lovers e free to play. As the name suggests, skating. it will not be the fourth official chapter of the series, nor a remake or a reboot, rather the game aims to present itself as a new incarnation of the franchise.

The new Skate will be a title free to play, playable in cross-play on all platforms and with cross-progression, that is, equipped with a feature that allows you to use your profile on any system while preserving the progress made. The game takes place in a new city, St. Vansterdamand will boast constant support with the addition of new content and gameplay updates.

The developers have also confirmed that the game will microtransactions, but that this only concerns cosmetic items. At this time, Full Cicle has not yet announced a skate release window. The team has basically limited itself to confirming that the game will be released”when it is finished“, without adding further details.

The existence of a new skate was confirmed in 2020, following a year-long campaign in which fans of the franchise plastered EA’s social media channels with the hashtag #skate4 in an attempt to convince the publisher to revive the hit series. Now, more than a decade after the release of Skate 3, fans can finally get their hands on the coveted new chapter of the series.

Before we leave, we remind you that skate. will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

  • EA’s new Skate is free to play (

Source: Lega Nerd

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