On July 19, ‘As Dusk Fall’, an interactive drama developed by Interior/Night, premieres. It lands on Xbox consoles and computers via stores like Gamepass and Steam.

In this game, players will explore the lives and dramas of two families whose fates are intertwined with an accident and a failed robbery. On one side are the Walkers, a family of grandparents, father, mother and daughter who went to Missouri to start a new life.

On the other hand, there are three brothers, Holts, who are trying to save their family from the debts they have drowned with a ‘millionaire’ heist that did not happen and resulted in a hostage heist.


But this is just the beginning of a story that has unfolded for over 30 years. Players will have to make decisions that will greatly affect the course of the game.

This interactive drama portrays real actors rendered in a comic-like art style and animated in 2.5D.

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Although it can be played alone, This title is designed for fun in the company. Either local, online or mixed.

In the movie ‘As Twilight Falls’, up to eight people can be connected to vote for answers and actions What every player should do. Aware that not all its players have that much control at home, this title has a companion app where people can connect and interact within the game.

It is not just about deciding whether to say this or that, or to look in this or that direction. In high-tension moments, such as physically confronting someone, players have to perform certain actions on the screen, such as swiping, pressing, or rotating. If any of the participants fails, the action may have a negative consequence.

On the other hand, it should be said that democracy is not always the rule. Each player is given a certain number of opportunities to override their team’s decision and have the final say, with no option to appeal what should be done.


‘Falling in the Twilight’ is rated ‘Adult +17’ by the ESRB for containing content related to intense violence, family conflicts, mental health, among others. Also, keep in mind that this story is about extreme situations that can result in tragedies, such as murder and suicide.

Source: Exame

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