A new video released by Game Informer shows some The Callisto Protocol gameplay sequences and a fragment of ainterview with Glen Schofield in which the director talks about the origin of the game.

In the video, which you’ll find below, the author’s words are interspersed with some flashes of gameplay showing some of the game’s exploratory sequences. During the interview, the author talks about how did the idea come about? by the Callisto protocol. It all started with his trip to the desert of Tucson, Arizona. Schofield says he had to take a break from his latest work at the time.

There the author would start with: draw, imagining some possible stories, including that of the Callisto protocol. After creating a dozen pages of concept for the game, Schofield returned to his team of writers who, after a year and a half, brought the story of The Callisto Protocol to life. Schofield also stated that he always knew what it had to be the end of the Callisto protocol and while this has evolved over time from the original idea, the final scene is still intact, just as he envisioned it from the start.

We remind you that the Callisto protocol will be available from: Dec 2, 2022 PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

  • The Callisto Protocol: Glen Schofield on the Origin of the Game + Exclusive Gameplay (youtube.com)

Source: Lega Nerd

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