A few years later, Discord has become one of the most popular communication apps. finally decided to go to the Xbox One and Series X consoles | S. A few months ago, PlayStation confirmed the integration with its platform. However, it wasn’t until mid-2022 that it also decided to appear on Microsoft consoles.

According to Microsoft itself, Discord for Xbox will let you participate in voice chats without using any external gadgets. Thus, they assure us that the entire experience will be contained directly in the console’s operating system. Of course, you won’t be able to join calls from the Xbox itself, but by linking your account, it will be easy enough to transfer calls from any other device to your console.

This proposal was widely anticipated. Discord has become the preferred communication platform for gamers. Between the low latency in their calls and their great ability to organize communities, perfect for those who want to know more about the things they love. His influence was so great that Facebook copied his interface for new groups.

Of course, not everyone will be able to use Discord on their console at the moment. If you want to have her you will need to become a member of the Xbox Insiders program. Thus, you will be able to not only test this application, but also many of the beta features that the company will prepare in the future.

When will the public version of Discord on Xbox be released? This is what we don’t know. Of course, in the official publication of Microsoft, the company assures that “soon it will be available to everyone.” It remains only to wait.

How to join the Xbox Insiders program and enjoy Discord on your console

Discord on Xbox
Discord on Xbox

Joining the program is not difficult at all. Actually, all you have to do is go to the Store and download the Xbox Insiders Pack on your console. Once the installation is complete, open the app and you should be all set.

Currently, How can you try Discord on Xbox starting today? It’s pretty simple too. In fact, Microsoft itself has provided instructions to follow.

  1. Open the guide menu by pressing the button xbox button your team
  2. Go to option Groups and chats.
  3. In it you will now find a function named Try Discord Voice on Xbox.

Subsequently, a QR code will appear on the screen. Scan it with your mobile phone and it will continue to link the Xbox app to the Discord app. Done, when you’ve completed this process, you’ll have access from your Xbox console to any of the channels you’re linked to.

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