TikTok incorporates into its app a feature already present on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, albeit with a slightly more interesting addition. Application developed by ByteDance, in particular, now allows you to create AI-generated avatars.

The TikTok feature, which is currently only available to a limited number of users, is very similar to the one included in the Lensa app developed by Prisma Labs. can turn our face into a kind of drawing or caricature, which can later be used as a profile photo, included in the app’s history, or even downloaded. In the latter case, a watermark will be displayed at the bottom of the image, indicating that the design was created using AI through the TikTok avatar.

We reiterate that in order to create these designs, TikTok will use an AI model that will be in charge of identifying the user’s various facial features, as well as their skin tone, hair shape, etc., and, later, design according to that person. As the developer specifies Matt Navarre, who had access to the function, You can use this function only once a day. The user, for their part, has to upload 3 to 10 photos of themselves, and the AI ​​will create up to 30 different avatars.

The terms of the feature also state that images posted by users for the purpose of creating AI-assisted avatars are will be deleted from TikTok servers after designs are created. The app, on the other hand, claims that the images will go through TikTok content moderation. Therefore, it will not allow the generation of avatars with explicit images or those that violate the policy of the social network.

TikTok now has an easier and faster way to create AI avatars


We reiterate that the new TikTok feature is very similar to what Meta includes on their respective social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. The main difference is that the ByteDance app uses AI to automatically generate the layout.. On the other hand, metaavatars are manually generated. That is, it is the user who must choose the shape of the face, hair color, skin tone, etc.

It’s also interesting to see how TikTok has joined the trend that has remained on the app since the generative AI boom. In recent months, videos of users creating an anime version of themselves through a filter have gone viral. Images created with the Lensa app have also been shared on TikTok.

Source: Hiper Textual

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