On Wednesday, July 20, the day the New Republic Congress was established, conflicts between Esmad and there was also a group that called itself ‘Captive Bodies, Free Minds’. first line. The events occurred on the America Portal.

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Via First Line’s social networks, for more than two hours, it was recorded how clashes between the above-mentioned groups took place at night.

In one part of the video, a teenager said, “Petro won’t save the country, this new Congress won’t save the country. There has been corruption here for years. If Petro breaks it, we will criticize and protest.. We need reform for all these soldiers, we need them not to kill people. That’s what we asked above.”

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In addition, Capucho Xuacha, the nickname of the teenager who recorded the video, also stated that he recorded it himself. They are calling for the release of First Line members caught due to the events of the 2021 National Strike.

It should be noted that a few days after winning the elections, Gustavo Petro, the next president of Colombia, took to his social networks to demand the freedom of First Line prisoners. free the youth.”

Arrest warrants were issued for 66 alleged members of this group, which calls itself resistance. Currently these captures are 530.

Source: Exame

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