there are three big changes tax reform before they start debating in congressional economic committees.

The following points will be reviewed, as Finance Minister José Antonio Ocampo told this media.


1. Tax on sugary drinks and highly processed foods:
The new reform proposes new taxes on sugary drinks, ultra-processed foods, and single-use plastics to package, wrap or package goods.

This means that if you buy items such as sausages, fries, fried plantains, packaged snacks, waffles, waffles, cakes, biscuits, meringues, ice cream, milkshakes, or sauces and soups, among others, they are taxed at 10 percent on their resale value.

Additionally, those coming from plastic will have a double tax. A new tribute will also be applied to fruit-based beverages, fruit nectars, powdered mixes, sugary, energy and flavored beverages.

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2. Dividend tax:
According to the bill, dividends subject to 10 percent today would begin to be taxed under general progressive rates for resident natural persons (which can go up to 39 percent) and for non-residents (both individuals and corporations). 20% withholding tax will be applied.

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3. Free zones tax:
The bill states that users of free zones can retain 20 percent if they have an Internationalization Plan that meets the minimum export threshold set by the National Government.

The Finance Minister asked businessmen and society in general to submit new proposals to cover these amounts to reach the figure of 25 billion pesos if they could not agree on any point of the reform.

The process is expected to give a message of urgency. It could come between today and tomorrow.


Source: Exame

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