After the Dutch tourist couple Robert Gerrit Kootte and Nienke Guri Trishna Bawa died as a result of poisoning, the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office sent the experts to the courthouse. El Arsenal The Rum Box restaurant in the Getsemaní district where the tourist couple dinefor the last time, accompanied by a woman and a man, also strangers.

The investigation unit’s investigations have also taken officials to the popular dining rooms of Bazurto market, a scene of experience tourism or immersion. Thousands of travelers come to the city to explore the gastronomy and local traditions that have their roots in Africa.

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Couple accompanying deceased tourists to market and dinner An important piece to learn about how the Dutchman who came to the hero city from Santa Marta on Saturday 20 August got drunk.

THE TIME knew on Sunday morning Trishna Bawa changed her overbooking via WhatsApp for that night in the restaurant for a table for four.

Of the four restaurants that visited us that night, only two ate fish.: the other foreign woman and Robert Gerrit Kootte,” says Abraham Dau, son of restaurant owner and city mayor William Dau.

at the same table they served a plate with salmon and the other with chops. four dinners including mashed potatoes and vegetablesdraws attention to the management of the restaurant.

Each of the diners closed the Cartagena night with two cocktails. “This wasn’t a party plan, it was more of a meeting of old friends to talk about,” Dau said.

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Nienke died at the Medihelp clinic in Bocagrande 24 hours after eating at this restaurant. And on Tuesday morning his emotional partner passed away.

“The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating what they ate at Bazurto, where they went on Sunday morning – Dau claims -. The Prosecutor’s Office, Sijín and Dadis visited us and did all the tests on our food, drink and grocery stores, and they found everything in order.

Investigations at The Rum Box restaurant He was executed on Tuesday afternoon after health officials learned of the deaths of two tourists.

Some of the evidence in the prosecution’s possession is the restaurant’s videos, which are now destined for investigations. All tours and stays of four people are watched on the terrace of the restaurant.

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The death of the 29-year-old woman was recorded on Monday night; and on Tuesday morning his partner, 31, passed away.

“We treated two Dutch nationals at night with a significant adherence to their general condition before a picture. The female patient needed resuscitation because her vital responses were severely affected. But this resuscitation did not work and he died,” Javier Hernández, medical director of Medihelp, told EL TIEMPO.

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Robert Gerrit Kootte was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit.
Dr. Hernández’s medical report concludes, “It was evident from his arrival that a vigil was photographed all night with the person concerned, but unfortunately he too died in the morning.”

John Montano
THE TIME Correspondent
From Twitter: @KitePilot

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