If you’ve been waiting a long time for the electric car to arrive Tesla Model Y In its most basic version, we have great news for you. These are not others where it is possible to reserve units in Spain directly on the manufacturer’s website. Therefore, the official landing of this model in our country is a fact.

This is one of Tesla’s biggest bets for making cars, as its expectations are that it will become one of the best-selling models among electric cars worldwide (and that means it will be the best-selling model). highest company production/sales optimization). So it’s no surprise that Elon Musk was betting on himself when it was announced that year. 2019 be SUVs an excellent company.

Things to keep in mind about the Tesla Model Y

It is important to note that there are some options for those who come to Spain to know about, for example, interior trim black and that it has a five-seat configuration. Also, the paint – at least for now – is white and The mounted wheels are 19 inch Gemini type.. It’s also possible to add to the company’s autonomous driving from the drawbar (which represents an additional cost of 3,800 euros).

White Tesla electric car


Among the technical features that interest users, beyond knowing that electric batteries are used, so no additional fuel is used, as Tesla points out, the autonomy they offer is about approximate. 455 kilometers. For many, this is more than enough to get the full experience without refueling. Also, the acceleration allowed by Model Y is, 6.9 seconds (to go from 0 to 100 km/h) and said the maximum speed reached by car is 217 kilometers per hour.

Current selling price of the car

As seen on Tesla’s website, what you need to pay to have one of these vehicles is; 51.200 € (Well below the cost of the Great Range and Performance models in the same series, and also cheaper than the Model 3). It should be noted that all AIDS If they’re available now, what you’ll have to pay in the end is €42,900, a pretty significant drop.

What has to do with wait times, which has always been scrutinized at Tesla, according to the company itself, if the purchase is made today, you can keep the car in your hands occasionally. December 2022 or February 2023. This is not ugly, everything must be said.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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