The PS5 went up in price last week, but its production and availability issues haven’t changed. Getting your hands on a next-gen console from Sony is still not feasible, and the truth is that it doesn’t look like it’s going to change at the moment.

However, everything seems to indicate that a new revision of the console, like the one released last year, can optimize production processes and speed up device production. An easier-to-manufacture PS5 means more availability in stores.

Japanese retailers have reported that Sony will be releasing a third PS5 model in the coming weeks, with the new model dubbed the CFI-1200 coming to Japan on September 15 (the same day that prices rise in Japan). This is a minor revision that changes some internal components to improve some details.

However, this edition may include a key improvement that speeds up PS5 production. It is assumed that the next PS5 model it will use AMD’s new 6nm chipset. Since this is a newer chip, its availability should be much higher, and this will allow Sony to produce PS5 consoles much faster.

Same PS5, different processor

This does not mean that this is a new console or that it offers new features. It would just be a change in one of the components to speed up accessibility, PS5’s biggest resistance since its launch in 2020.

And it is that while the chipset is very different from the current processor, AMD’s custom 7nm, no major performance changes are expected as Sony planned a chipset change. think only about production efficiency. In fact, the 6nm version has been rumored for months now:

In fact, if you take into account the times, it looks quite plausible. The last PS5 version was last year around this time. Model CFI-1102A arrived shortly before the beginning of autumn, albeit with very minor changes. Reduced weight by 300 grams due to changes in the power supply. In addition, a new console bracket screw has been replaced that does not require the use of a screwdriver. Unlike the original model.

Source: Hiper Textual

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