2k games announced that the new chapter of the Mafia series officially in development with the Hangar 13 team. At the end of a lengthy interview released to mark the series’ twentieth anniversary, the development team confirmed that they are working on a new episode. Here’s what General Manager Roman Hladík reported on the Mafia official website at the end of the interview:

I am happy to confirm that we have started a brand new project about mafia! Even we will need a few years and for now we can say no more, we are very excited about the idea of ​​continuing to work on this beloved franchise to bring new stories to the players.

There are therefore no details yet, and also the name of the new project associated with the series has not yet been revealed. In recent months there has been a lot of talk about a possible Mafia 4 is set in Sicily. This is what Nick Baker said on an episode of the XboxEra podcast. According to the host, the game will be a prequel and tell the origin of the family of Don Salieri, the boss for whom Tommy Angelo, the protagonist of the first chapter of the series, also worked.

To find out whether the project in question corresponds to Mafia 4 and whether what Nick Baker said is true, we will have to wait a long time. Meanwhile, what is certain is that the Mafia series is destined to continue.

Source: Lega Nerd

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