Apple Watch Pro may not be compatible with existing bands

The latest rumors about the Apple Watch Pro suggest that it may not be compatible with existing Apple watch bands. While it may not be possible.

By Mauricio Martinez on Apple Watch

This last week’s rumors will be key as they can predict what’s going to happen at the next Apple Event on September 7. According to a sketchy rumor spotted on Weibochinese social network Apple Watch Pro may not be compatible with existing bands for apple smart watch. On the contrary, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks they will work, although there are some details to consider..

Band compatibility with pending Apple Watch Pro

According to “UnclePan”, the user who posted the rumor, Apple Watch Pro size will break compatibility which has existed in smartwatch versions for years. New versions will be released for the new Pro model. Those from Cupertino have made some size changes to the watch case, but that wasn’t reason enough for the straps not to be compatible. The straps continue to work for two different case models, from the first generation to the latest (Series 7).

pride straps 2022

Apple’s new Pride 2022 straps

While this topic is in the air, Mark Gurman states that Apple Watch Pro will continue to support existing straps although it has a flaw. According to him, the fit will not be right and will not look perfect. An example of this is the 12.9 iPad Pro launch a year ago.. Apple promised it would work with the Magic Keyboard (made for the previous generation), but it wouldn’t quite fit when turned off.

Changes to lead to new belts

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple confirms the fact that the straps are compatible. There will be a new and unreleased Apple Watch Pro, the form factor will have a lot to do with it. Being first, those from Cupertino should justify all their components down to the smallest detail of the straps.

New Apple Watch Series 7 strap colors

Apple Watch with multiple straps

Note that Apple will launch the Series 8 and the second generation of the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Pro will be the most expensive, offering more functionality and therefore positioning one segment above the current one.. It will retain the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max company.

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