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MSI MAG META 5, the configuration you’ve been looking for to jump into the PC master race


East MSI MAG META 5 Equipped with the latest AMD technologies optimized for gaming. CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600X @ 3.7GHz is a powerful representative of the company’s revolutionary ZEN 2 architecture and is combined with graphics RX 6600 XT MEX 2Xwith 8 GB of RAM and AMD technology to make your video games look like a true new generation.

Configuration completed with 16 GB RAM D NVMe SSD hard drive 1 TB M.2that is, fast as it is alone, and with a large capacity.

This playground equipment, which also does not neglect aesthetics, is included in the PcComponentes Back to School 2022 promotion at a price of 1199 euros until September 18th.


The configuration is integrated into stylish black MSI towerand the Mystic Light system allows you to customize the effects RGB LED lights so you can give them the look you want. Do you prefer ice blue, fiery red, or do you prefer the lights to change tone and intensity to bring the tower to life?

And, of course, you will be able to contemplate the spectacular interior thanks to the tempered glass showcase.

This tower can also unleash your power without fear of overheating: The fan configuration draws in air from the front and exhausts it from above and behind, providing a constant flow.

Of course, the equipment is easily upgradeable if you want to integrate new components in the future, and has all the necessary connectivity options, including USB Type-C port at the top of the box for easy access.

Source: Computer Hoy

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