This was a recurring rumor after the atypical E3 2022, but it looks like it’s now official. At least as official as the test Microsoft is running in Ireland and Colombia could be: a family-friendly Xbox Game Pass that can be shared between different people.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family, as this new subscription option is called, allows you to share your Game Pass between multiple users, whether they be friends or family members, for a price increase over an individual subscription. In fact, the price increase is relatively small considering that it can be shared with four other people.

The only requirement is that everyone using an Xbox Game Pass family pass must live in the same country, making it a good option for sharing between friends. Price? Although the service is not yet official and may vary, you can try it in Ireland and Colombia at the price is 21.99 euros and 49,900 Colombian pesos, respectively.

Xbox Game Pass for less than 5 euros per month

The price is extremely groundbreaking as if it continues in the rest of the regions it means that Xbox Game Pass starts to cost less than 5 euros per month per personand includes all the usual Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

Mind you, Microsoft hasn’t announced pricing for the rest of Europe, the UK, or the US yet, but it’s likely to be around that. $25/month for Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family in the US.., taking into account the current exchange rate and global inflationary drift.

For now, countries that are testing the service can also change their individual subscription to a family subscription, although the available subscription days for current individual users have of course been changed. Switching to a plan means adjust the remaining time on the old plan:

  • A 30-day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership becomes an 18-day Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family membership.
  • The 30-day Xbox Game Pass (for consoles) becomes a 12-day Xbox Game Pass for friends and family.
  • The 30-day PC Game Pass becomes the 12-day Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family.
  • 30-day Xbox Live Gold becomes 12-day Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family.
  • 30 days of EA Play becomes 6 days of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family.

The good news is that this is a Family Xbox Game Pass. directly includes all the benefits of the Ultimate version. This means the Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live and even PC Game Pass versions of games are included.

Source: Hiper Textual

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