The iPhone 13 is a sales success, so much so that it single-handedly kept the Apple market afloat in the first quarter of 2022.

We’ve already told you that while the mobile market has been in uncertainty this year, Apple has enough sales to show green numbers in the first quarter reports. it looks like this Thanks to the success of the iPhone 13at least in the regular and Pro versions.

Now Total sales of Apple Smartphones deterioratedWhile confirming that the company’s current generation is a huge success, it’s also with some surprises like some iPhones from the past continue to sell pretty well.

iPhone 13 is a huge success in sales

A report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners showed that the iPhone 13 is selling quite well. According to the agency, Apple’s current generation accounts for 38% of total sales Representing the highest participation percentage of a single model since the success of the iPhone 6, the company’s Smartphone:

The four models included (13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and 13 mini) accounted for nearly three-quarters of sales in the March quarter. Also this quarter, the iPhone 13 had the highest share for a single model at 38% we’ve seen in a long time. Post-pandemic buyers flocked to the new phones despite the continued rise in price.

iPhone 13 Sales

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are bestsellers and support Apple market

This report also generallyUsers are switching to newer, more powerful mobile phonesDue to the new demands and more professional use that can be placed on these devices, although this has put a brake on the low-end and mid-range sales that have traditionally fed the entire market.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners also noted: Some older models from Apple continue to attract sales For the company, especially for the iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR and iPhone 11, which account for 15% of total sales:

As the market shifted to the sale of unsubsidized phones with installment contracts, the age of old phones has increased as owners enjoy using their pay phones. Recently, this trend has reversed, perhaps because options for trading high value used phones continued to evolve.

Although the iPhone 13 was successful and forced Apple to change its distribution plans, the company is not failing either. iPhone 13 Mini is a failure, Because it only has 3% of Apple’s total salesIt should not be forgotten that the iPhone 12 Mini did not sell well, as it confirms that the smaller models are not preferred by users.

These numbers are encouraging for AppleIt is facing a refresh that will take place in September, when the iPhone 14 is likely to be released.

Source: i Padizate

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