PlayStation Stars is a new rewards and loyalty program that has just launched in Asia. will arrive in Spain and Latin America in the coming weeks. Simply put, this will allow you to win prizes just for playing, some of them are quite exclusive and very rare, although don’t worry, this is not an NFT or anything like that.

Essentially, these are rewards for participating in certain games, completing certain tasks, or earning certain trophies. Generally speaking, there will be rewards just for playing, regardless of rank, and others for which Specific actions must be performed in specific headers.

In fact, some of them will be quite complex and exclusive. Sony gives the example of special awards for being one of the first players to achieve platinum status in a blockbuster in your country or region.

And yes, it’s free and has nothing to do with PlayStation Plus, as you don’t need to be subscribed to any data plan to sign up. You just need to have a PlayStation Network account., the only requirement is an adult account. This does not mean that there are prizes reserved for Plus users only.

PlayStation Stars: rewards and even money that can be exchanged on the PS Store

According to Sony, PlayStation Stars will only be available through the PlayStation mobile app for now, and not on consoles. Nonetheless, the company announced that Stars would be coming to consoles “in the future”.Although no specific date has been announced.

In terms of prizes to be won on PlayStation Stars, there will be two types of rewards: Loyalty Points and Digital Collectibles. Points can be redeemed in the catalog, which may include funds from PSN even for free games.

For its part, the PlayStation Store will feature exclusive digital collectibles and select products. As an added benefit, PlayStation Plus subscribers who subscribe to PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases from the PlayStation Store, including subscription fees.

You will be able to register once it launches in your region via the PlayStation website (and we assume from the mobile app):

  • Asia, including Japan: 29 September.
  • North and South America: October 5th.
  • Europe, Australia and New Zealand: 13 October.

Source: Hiper Textual

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