Of course, on more than one occasion a song is stuck in your head and you don’t even know the name or worse the performer. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to know exactly what it is. Well, to solve this, Deezer They have released a new update of an integrated function in their app, which is the solution you need right now.

The name of the vehicle we are talking about Song Catcherand you can use the Deezer app for free after installing it on an iOS or Android device. In other words, accessing it is very simple. Among the virtues he now possesses, to determine A song in the following ways: buzzing What do you know, Singing a continent and even, to whistle. As such, it goes a step further than what Shazam currently offers.

Options with the new Deezer feature

When the tool we’re talking about recognizes the song in your head and you can’t get it out, it can do enhancements. send directly to list what you decide This way you never lose it and you can listen to it again whenever you want. This makes it very easy to get a good personal database in the app (remember Deezer has a library of 90 million tracks, so it will be difficult if the part you’re looking for isn’t there).

Using Deezer's SongCatcher


To achieve high efficiency, the company developed in a very important wayalgorithms Used in SongCatcher. In this way, it is possible to recognize very high-impact songs simply by humming or whistling. Improvements also optimize the speed at which processes are performed.

How can you use SongCatcher?

alright simplicity dominant note. Here are the steps you need to perform in the app (both iOS and Android) to recognize a song that has been on your mind for days:

  • Open the app, then use the Search option at the bottom right (the corresponding icon is a magnifying glass).
  • Now select SongCatcher by clicking on What is the title option.
  • Next thing, what you use, would you rather sing? All you have to do right now is hum or whistle whatever is on your mind.
  • Wait a few seconds and you will see the result on the screen that you can save to your personal library.
  • you’re done.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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