Ricochetanti-cheating system Call of Duty: Warzone now available worldwide at Vanguard, and its latest update contains some very interesting news. Activision announced the inclusion of new measures aimed at disabling cheaters found in both games. allowing legitimate players to punish them themselves.

As explained, the new technique that debuted in Ricochet is called disguise. Detects scammers and disables your ability to see other players, leaving them open to attack. But that’s not all, as they can’t detect shots or hear other players in the game; thus, the developers intend to teach them a lesson.

This function is to detect and stop the actions of fraudsters in war zone D Vanguard joins another recently introduced called Damage Shield. It was designed to ensure that players who abide by the rules always have an advantage over those who resort to cheating. This option is activated automatically when a cheater is detected in the game, preventing him from dealing critical damage to others.

Thus, Activision once again strikes at the hackers that cause so much trouble in both parts of the game. Call of Duty. And while it’s true that Ricochet needs to constantly evolve to avoid finding new ways to evade it, the anti-cheat system has proven its worth so far.

Please note that this utility is available in PC versions. Call of Duty: Warzone D Vanguard, and consists of a kernel-level driver and server-side tools. Thus, Activision can not only detect new cheaters, disable and expel them, but also collect critical data to further identify their behavior.

Ricochet makes fun of scammers war zone D Vanguard

And while Ricochet is on his mission to find scammers and turn them into a joke, he doesn’t stop there. Activision reported blocking another 54,000 accounts players who cheated war zone D Vanguard. Recall that the company had already kicked out tens of thousands of hackers at the end of last year, and this shows that it wants to follow this line.

On the other hand, franchise developers Call of Duty ratified that a firm hand against fraudsters will also be ratified in leaderboards. All cheaters found and banned war zone D Vanguard, they will also be removed from qualifying for each game.

However, Activision urged legitimate gamers to continue cooperating to identify scammers. “We understand that every step we take against cheating, scammers try to get around them. Therefore, we encourage players to continue using in-game tools to report cheaters. If you see a scammer, please report him. This information is invaluable to bring new updates in the fight against foul play,” the company said.

In a different order, Activision is finalizing the details of its next big special. Call of Duty: Warzone. under the heading Operation Monarchthis kind of crossover will unite the titans monsterverseKing Kong and Godzilla, in a successful battle royale warlike

Source: Hiper Textual

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