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Razer Viper V2 Pro, analysis and opinion


Razer is a company that is used to a lot of releases, and for those no longer connected to the world of peripherals, this can be a little confusing. However, don’t worry because both our analyzes and those of our colleagues at HobbyConsola are presented here to clean things up a bit.

When it comes to peripherals, many users “marry” the mouse and keyboard until the plastic wears out and they start thinking about changing it, but … what will you tell me if I tell you what you might have two mice on your desk, one for everyday use and one for gaming like you don’t have anything on hand?

This is what I have been doing for a month with one of the latest Razer mice. In everyday life I work with the Logitech MX Master 3, but when it’s time to play, I take the new Viper V2 Pro and although it has fewer buttons than other mice I have at home, At just 58 grams, this is one of the most comfortable mice I can use in my games..

Razer Viper V2 Pro
dimensions 126.7 x 57.6 x 37.8mm
Weight 58 grams
Feeding Internal battery | USB-C charging
connectivity USB-C | Razer HyperSpeed ​​2.4GHz Wireless
Sensor Razer Focus Pro 30K
Buttons Two main, wheel, DPI change and two programmable on the left side
Software Razer Synapse
Price €159.99

Razer Viper V2 Breakdown Sections:

  • Design: light as a philosophy of life
  • Connectivity: You can use it wired, but I’ve always played with HyperSpeed.
  • Experience: Worth going back to any mouse but this one
  • Conclusion: Once you try a light mouse, it’s hard to go back, even if you know that others are better.

Light as a philosophy of life

Clearly, the most remarkable thing about this model is obviously how light it is. It’s that if you don’t have it in your hands, it’s hard for you to get an idea, but it’s only 58 grams.

Shortly before the Razer Viper V2, I played with the Logitech Superlight, which has been my main gaming mouse for the past few months, and those 5 grams are less than the weight of Razer… they show.

This may seem silly to you, but try taking something you have at home and weighing less than 60 grams so you can estimate what 60 grams actually is.

However, it is clear that the weight comes from trimming at certain points.. The original Viper is a basic mouse, but most interesting for its side grips, four buttons (two on each side), and a symmetrical design that I liked a lot because left-handed gamers had a different option. And then there is Ultimate, wireless and with a very TOP charging base.

Good, now removed two buttons on the right side (here we have to keep the weight as low as possible), we also don’t have rubber grips (they can be put aside and replaced if they wear out, I admit that’s a good point), and we don’t have RGB.

The latter, to be honest, does not bother me. The Razer logo is clearly visible, at least on the white model that the brand provided us for analysis, and the only light we have is right below the scroll wheel.

Alex Alcolea Orchards

This is the one that tells us if the mouse is booting, but also, depending on the color, allows us to see what DPI configuration we have.

Speaking of which, you can change it on the fly at the bottom of the mouse since we have a button next to the sensor and for power we have a built-in batteryinstead of batteries that charge via the front USB-C port.

You can use it wired, but I’ve always played with HyperSpeed.

I think the days when wireless mice and keyboards weren’t “good” for gaming are long gone.

It is clear that professional players need every thousandth to be able to compete in conditions, something that goes from screen refresh to peripheral latency, so wireless might not be for them but… for the rest? Fully.

razer viper v2 pro review

Alex Alcolea Orchards

Obviously, there is some latency with Bluetooth peripherals that can affect the game, and even if you’re not a pro, you’ll notice this for sure. There may be interference from other devices or a delay from headphones, keyboard or mouse.

However, those with their own USB pinchito are much better and, at least for me, I don’t notice any difference with a wired mouse. Near 2.4GHz technology that directly links the peripheral to the PC and, in the case of Razer, it’s called HyperSpeed ​​Wireless.

razer viper v2 pro review

Alex Alcolea Orchards

I have a tower under my desk and plug the skewer directly into one of the front ports, but Razer includes an adapter that allows you to extend the cable if you want to use it wired, but also fits a 2.4 receiver. GHz as close to the mouse as possible.

I’m already saying that I haven’t had any problems with this wireless technology and I consider it heresy to tether USB-C to the front of such a lightweight mouse, but if you wish, you can do this to have a little more security.

You will miss the buttons, but going back to any other mouse than this one is hard.

And from experience, well, I have to tell you that this is a mouse that is unlike any other (excluding the Logitech mouse, of course). It’s really impressive how well it always lies in the hand, thanks to two pretty clever solutions.

Although Razer reduced the weight as much as it could, the design still seems very successful to me. and is convenient for both work and long gaming sessions. To be honest, I’m not one of those who use additional buttons, and, as a right-hander, the two available on the right side are more than enough.

The second good solution is that it glides perfectly both on the table and on the rug. Configuring Multiple Settings in Razer Synapse – Razer Software – we can adjust the sensor activation height to personalize the experience, and when left alone, play very comfortably.

razer viper v2 pro review

Alex Alcolea Orchards

And what I also like is the switching system. Razer continues to rely on its technology, which consists of a beam of light that is cut and thus activates the “click” that we perceive in the game.

The feeling when pressing the button is such that the response is instantaneous and the ‘click’ itself is quite pleasant. Yes, I’m not a “professional” player, but there are games that I’m pretty good at, like Halo (a real treat on PC) or Overwatch 2, where I play as a Soldier, and I have fairly wide mobility with sharpened accuracy. And for me, it’s completely normal.

And in addition to switches and low weight, This is a mouse that stands out for its precision. I’ve been able to use it occasionally even on glass tables (one morning for work) without any issues, and the Razer Focus Pro’s sensor behaves like a wild boar.

razer viper v2 pro review

Alex Alcolea Orchards

At high DPI, it is the most accurate and responds perfectly to minimal wrist movement.. I’m not one to play with very high sensitivity, actually… I don’t like it, but I understand that there are games where the hitboxes are very tight and the more precise the mouse, the better for your experience.

I go back to Overwatch where I need top speed more than anything because the enemy hitbox is generous, but in Valorant or Counter Strike I need to be as accurate as possible and this is where the sensor comes into play.

When you try a light mouse it’s hard to go back even if you know others are better

razer viper v2 pro review

Alex Alcolea Orchards

And in the end, it’s true that it’s expensive, but if you need a different type of mouse, well, you have… dozens of models with more or less buttons, more or less indicators, or other features.

When it comes to playing with an ultra-light mouse, it’s time to checkout And then there’s the engineering work involved in putting everything away to make it as light as possible while still offering good design in a full-sized mouse.

Viper V2Pro

And the thing is, apart from the design, we have a battery that stretches, which is nice, plastic that feels quality, and some switches that are precise and very comfortable to use.

And good, In addition to my review of the Razer Viper V2, where I only give my point of view, you can also check out the analysis made by my colleague Alberto Lloret from HobbyConsolas, where he talks about his experience. And if you want to know what to consider when choosing the best gaming mouse, don’t miss my buddy David Losada’s guide.

Source: Computer Hoy

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