HE Apple Watch drop detector sensor as previously reported here, it has already saved several lives TecMundo in the news. After detecting a somersault and the user has been inactive for one minute, smart watch touch your arm alarms and automatically activates emergency services and pre-selected contacts.

This feature is available on Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 and later, including newly released Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra models. The solution is built on over a million hours of crash data. However, for the feature to work, it must be properly enabled and configured. Learn how.

How to enable fall detection on Apple Watch

The fall detection sensor is automatically activated by the Apple Watch for users 55 and older in older versions of the company’s smartwatch, founded by Steve Jobs. This feature is turned on as soon as the date of birth is added to the Health app on iPhone.

As of watchOS 8.1, the feature works automatically only during physical exercise for people aged 18 to 55 and requires you to configure it to run all the time. If the smartwatch has a previous OS version and has been updated, the feature must also be manually enabled. Learn how to enable it.

Just above the smartwatch

The most practical way to enable fall detection is directly on the Apple Watch. Check out the steps:

  1. Tap on the “Settings” app on the smartwatch itself.
  2. Enter “Emergency SOS”.
  3. Select “Fall Detection” to enable the feature.
  4. Select either “Always on” for the sensor to work uninterruptedly or “Only during exercise” for the feature to be on only during physical activity.

by iPhone

If you wish, the user can activate the drop sensor from the iPhone after connecting the smart watch to the smartphone. See how:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  2. Select “My Clock”.
  3. Tap “Emergency SOS”.
  4. Enable “Fall Detection”.
  5. Set to your preference whether the sensor should be “Always on” or “Only during training”.

Disable Drop Sensor on Smartwatch

(Source: Apple/Disclosure)

To disable the emergency feature on Apple Watch, go to the smartwatch setting and disable the “Fall Detection” feature by following the steps reported earlier. The user can also choose whether he wants the sensor to work only during physical exercise, regardless of age.

How does the SOS drop and call sensor work?

(Source: Apple/Disclosure)

The smartwatch combines data from the accelerometer and gyroscope in the devices to detect sudden impulses and call for help to pre-selected people and emergency services. Both features are common to smartphones and serve to capture displacements.

The first is sensitive to acceleration, including information about the speed of the device, while the second detects movements (rotation) around the axis of the device, serving, for example, to automatically configure the horizontal or vertical screen on the mobile phone.

Be careful when using the resource

In addition to the Apple Watch, the drop sensor is present on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch and will be built into the Google Pixel Watch in 2023. The user cannot rely on the smartwatch as the only way to seek help in an emergency, especially in the event of a risk of death, as the resource may fail. But this does not detract from its usefulness.

Source: Tec Mundo

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