It took several years silent Hill, one of the most beloved franchises by horror game fans, is back in vogue. After many rumors and teaser this week Konami held showcase fully focused on his saga. The event let us know about several projects that are on the way, the closest being remake Silent Hill 2.

The development of this project is in the hands of Bloober Team. The studio is also responsible for titles such as Average, Layers of fear, observer or blair witch. So the remake Silent Hill 2 It is under the auspices of a team with extensive experience in horror games.

On the other hand, the rumors about the exclusivity received by Sony in terms of availability on consoles are confirmed. remake Silent Hill 2so it will only see the light of day on PlayStation 5, although you can also enjoy it on PC. Will we see it on Xbox consoles? At the moment, we don’t know if we’ll run into a temporary exclusive, so we can’t guarantee it.

Like other contemporary remakes, among which we find Resident Evil 2 and more recently to The Last of Us Part 1, Silent Hill 2 take advantage of modern technology offer a full facelift. First of all, of course, visual department Silent Hill 2 will be overhauled. Better lighting, textures and modeling are on the way. To achieve all of the above, they will rely on the Unreal Engine graphics engine. Unfortunately, we still don’t know the release date.


Source: Hiper Textual

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