cook for a couple The year 2022 is passing, which ratified it as an excellent platform for the distribution of PC games, and the statistics confirm this. Yesterday Sunday broke his simultaneous record again – that is, users simultaneously connected to the service – and for the first time in its history exceeded the mark of 30 million.

In particular, the peak was 30,032,005 visitors, as shown in the Steam database. However, it is worth clarifying that not all people connected at the same time played. Of the total number of online customers at the time of the new high, just over 8.5 million launched a title from the catalog.

Although it is not specified what the remaining slightly more than 21.5 million did, there are several options. From browsing the platform, posting reviews and participating in communities, to buying new games and more. The truth is that Steam is enjoying a great moment and the public is acknowledging it.

In addition, the fact that the service managed to exceed the mark of 30 million users for the first time is undoubtedly a long-awaited indicator for Valve. Within a few months the company was on the verge of reachingbut always lagged behind by several hundred thousand players.

The previous record of users who simultaneously connected to Steam is dated March 31 last year. It peaked at 29,986,681 visitors that day; although what is really striking is that there were more active players registered at that time (8.9 million) than during yesterday’s all-time high.

Steam manages to outperform the pandemic

The Steam case is no doubt a very high-profile one. Although it already enjoyed very wide popularity, the number of its concurrent and active players exploded during COVID-19. Long months of confinement added to boom in the sale of computers for virtual classes and remote work, they helped the Valve platform attract even more users than it already had.

But what is really remarkable is how he managed to maintain and even surpass the numbers achieved when the coronavirus hit the world. For example, in November 2019, the peak of visitors was 17.1 million people. And since the WHO declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, that number has hardly fallen below 20 million.

Although that’s not all. If we look at the annual numbers, we can see that from October 2021 to the present, the number of users connected to Steam at the same time regularly stayed above 25 million. An important fact when you consider that so far this year, computer sales have dropped significantly, which has a strong impact on the industry.

So far, things are looking good for Valve. Gabe Newell recently expanded the Steam Deck’s international availability and is already working on bringing the next generation of his handheld console to life.

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