During On the night of Wednesday, October 26, 48 passengers suffered a harrowing journey due to the electrical storm. Severely affected flight LA1325 departing from Santiago de Chile to Asunción, Paraguay.

The situation went viral on the networks, thanks to users who noted the strong turbulence that occurred in the midst of the panic.

You can even hear the effects of hail and rain, which cause great fear among passengers, even on the plane.

Additionally, at one point, one can see how the plane suddenly moves sideways as the lights flash. Frightened passengers say “Oh my God” or “Please! Holy God”, as they pass through the lightning bolts of the storm.

The plane had to make an emergency landing. Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, LuqueIt was found that one of the engines was lost and the windows were shattered.

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However, according to the ‘ABC de Paraguay’ newspaper, authorities are investigating the facts as the plane stopped for several hours. Foz do Iguazú due to weather conditions.

Paraguayan LATAM Airlines issued a statement this Thursday morning to explain the situation experienced by the previous night’s flight.

“LATAM Airlines Paraguay reported that on Wednesday, October 26, flight LA1325 (Santiago de Chile-Asunción) experienced severe weather conditions during the flight path. The aircraft made an emergency landing in Asunción at 23:09 (local time), a procedure that was carried out smoothly.“The airline’s description says.

In addition, they noted that fortunately both passengers and crew were safe and sound without injury or physical trauma. However, they complained of the inconvenience caused by the weather.

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Source: Exame

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