adviser announced the signing of a contract with Marvel on develop three action games based on the Marvel Universe. According to the company, each of them will contain original stories and will be released in consoles and PC. The original contract provides for three titles. Hombre de Hierro one of them, although there is a possibility of its expansion in the future.

Creators FIFA D Battleground published an entry on his blog where they offer some details of the agreement. Apart from the usual statements from the executives, each congratulating or expecting to have always been a Marvel fan, the announcement indicates that it is about three adventure games. Projects will focus on desktop consoles and PCs, although the platforms have not been specified.

First on the list is Hombre de Hierro, a game that was unveiled at the end of September and will be answered by EA Motive. During the announcement, it was said that the next game based on the popular character would be single-player game with full focus on storytelling. Iron Man will have a third-person perspective and be an action-adventure game, a genre more appealing than the VR offering launched on PlayStation a few months ago.

While it is not reported that all three games will be Single player gameat least they all aim for the same genre. Jay Ong, executive vice president of Marvel Games, revealed that his company will be working as a creative contributor, though developers will be able to create something “deeply unique”. and really wonderful.”

Marvel trusts EA despite debacle star Wars

EA COO Laura Miele stated that they are longtime Marvel fans and that this collaboration will provide players with an “exceptional experience”. For its part, Marvel has stated that it is always looking to find the best gear for its characters. heroic journeys that never happened. For the Disney subsidiary, EA is the perfect partner to achieve this goal, and they have expressed their trust in him..

Though it’s too early to worry, the truth is EA’s track record over the past few years hasn’t been very good.yes perfect example star Warsexclusive license that led to the fiasco star wars front and its continuation. Although Jedi: Fallen Order was an unexpected success, Disney had enough previous mistakes to open the franchise to other developers.

With a new deal signed with Marvel, EA has a chance to make a name for itself in the field of licensed games. Hombre de Hierro will follow the path Jedi: Fallen Order and will bet on a genre that has followers. To ensure success, EA Motive hired Olivier Proulx, an Eidos Montreal veteran who had already worked on guardians of the galaxy.

Release date Hombre de Hierro and the other two Marvel games are still a long way off. EA has confirmed that the game is in a very early stage of development and it will take some time to hear about it.

Source: Hiper Textual

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