More details are known about the murder, which was recorded outside of a motel. bucaramanga Victim identified John Jairo Contreras 32 years old, murdered nine shots. The man was a rancher from the area.

The couple was attacked several times as they were leaving the motel.

According to the details you know TIME, The funeral of the farmer came to the hospital with a large amount of money. What was curious was that the tickets had been lost in the medical asset.

“that man came with a lot of money and when they did the survey I had nothing anymore. The money disappeared in the hospital. He had a gun, a vest. He was threatened, he already knew he was threatened, and was known to be a rancher; so he managed large sums of money,” said one source.

Around four o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, a couple left a motel on Calle 97 on Carrera 33. Bucaramanga. by version taxi driver Four men on two motorcycles, tasked with picking them up to drive them to the scene and take them back to their homes, arrived and They fired indiscriminately.

nine shots Jhon Jairo took all over his body and three bullet wounds, Andrea light. Authorities ensure that this crime was premeditated because they knew the deceased committed a crime. carrying a bulletproof vest and firearm and for this he was attacked mostly in the face.

At this time, the identity of the four involved in this murder could not be determined. It is being investigated whether the woman staying in the clinic was involved in this act of violence.

Source: Exame

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