The overdose marked Hideo Kojima’s return to the horror genre. Recent leaks and reports from sources such as Tom Henderson on InsiderGaming so it seems to be confirmed. In fact today they offer us much more information about this new horror game. Report includes a video up to 2 minutes long where we can see part of the gameplay.

If you played death threadanother of the works of the sensational director, you will surely recognize the main character, who is presented to us in overdose. This is the mom, played by actress Margaret Qualley, whose appearance led many to believe that this could be a gameplay leak of the expected Death Thread 2.

This recent leak can only mean one thing: more people got early access to the game in development. In fact, as confirmed in the media cited at the beginning, first photos overdose they would be leaked from the Discord server used by developers outside the project.

Although the images were quickly removed after a few minutes, the damage had already been done.

What do we see in gameplay filtered

overdose presents us gameplay starring Mom, from death thread, in a blue dress. However, none of the elements seem to indicate that this is the latter title.

On the other hand, we see the protagonist walking through dark corridors with nothing but a flashlight to light the way. overdose presents us with a third-person view, although there are rumors that it can be played in first person if you so desire.

At the end of the video, a scarecrow appears, and later the phrase “GAMEOVER”. Finally, we see the part of the credits that says “Hideo Kojima’s Game” and “OVERDOSAGE”.

overdose could be Kojima’s redemption after cancellation Fri

This is not the first time Hideo Kojima has shown interest in exploring the horror genre. On August 14, 2014, Kojima introduced quiet hills, which will become one of his most anticipated games with Konami and Guillermo del Toro. Subsequently, decided to release a playable demo called Frideserved the horror and admiration of society.

Unfortunately, the game was closed after a year. This devastated the community, especially fans of the franchise. silent Hill. The latter did not see the news of the saga until the recent presentation Remake of Silent Hill 2 and other titles they intend to revive the flame of the legendary franchise Horror.

Today, overdose could finally be Kojima’s redemption in this genre. With release death thread, we could see some brushstrokes indicating the director’s interest in the game. However, a full-fledged horror from Kojima Productions can be a real bomb.

Yes indeed remember that the game was not officially introduced by Hideo Kojima. What does it mean? Well, in the end, everything is possible with overdose. From arriving with a different name, to being involved in a completely unexpected project, and even being canceled before it is presented to the world. However, we hope that the information will be as accurate as possible.

Source: Hiper Textual

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