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The McDonalds gaming chair exists and keeps food warm while you play.


Gaming chair fever hit homes around the world more than five years ago. These chairs, shaped like sports car seats, promised ergonomics, stability, comfort and good handling. job title for gamers who spent hours and hours in front of the computer.

At first they were niche, in the middle of 2022 these gaming chairs They have become part of the furniture of millions of homes. Even people who don’t play buy them with their own money. good value for money. The pandemic has caused them to reach unprecedented popularity quotas.

And, to everyone’s delight, McDonalds decided that he not only wanted to feed us, but also wanted us to sit comfortably at our table while we weren’t playing LoL or chatting with friends on Discord. Check out the McDonald’s McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair.

It’s a pity that if you don’t live in the United Kingdom, it will be very difficult for you to win this magnificent chair. Hopefully the Spanish subsidiary will be encouraged, because more than one gamer will want to get the crunchiest chair in the entire market in front of their own. Desk.

Being a gamer and hamburger lover is possible

The British branch of McDonald’s is giving away a gaming chair that, if you’re gaudy enough, you might actually enjoy… not jokingly.

The draw was announced on the UK McDonald’s Facebook page. with a video showcasing the classic yellow and black design, add-ons like a french fry holder, a hot box to keep your burgers warm, and slots for your favorite sauces.

It is not clear which partners McDonald’s UK worked with to create Mayor McCheese’s chair. But people in England, Scotland and Wales can participate on McDonald’s Facebook page with a promotional video. Registration closes November 13th.

chair details

The rules of the contest say that there is only one grand prize (a chair) and two runners-up will receive McCrispie neon lights. The database states thatno cash alternative to the prize“, which suggests that it is truly priceless.

We have a lot of questions, like whether the chair needs to be plugged in for the heater to work, but McDonald’s hasn’t answered those questions. If you like gaming chairs, this is your competition. Although there are more options to have good posture at the computer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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