Although there are still many users who prefer to play video games on the computer, there are still a few who consider television as the best alternative. This decision is also about the convenience this option provides.

However, for many years, there is a legend that provides this. Playing from the TV for a long and uninterrupted day can damage devices.

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Wear depends on the type of technology the television has and damage from bad practices such as having a screen that does not support constant wear and tear and can ‘burn’.

Despite this, technology continues to advance in many ways, and one of them is to give people peace of mind. Your TV can withstand a long day without any problems.

Companies like LG or Samsung already have televisions that bet on being a decorative piece in the home, radiating images (as if it were a work of art), and always on.

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For Paula Ospina, Head of Marketing and Communications at Samsung Colombia VD, an alternative for users to have a premium TV are the innovative Neo QLED 8K Smart TVs that allow them to get the most out of their daily activities.

This series is characterized by image quality, true 8K resolution; that means it’s four times the resolution of a traditional 4K display. “This immersive experience is possible thanks to the Quantum Processor 8K Neural Processor, which uses 20 neural networks responsible for analyzing the original source of the video.”

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Source: Exame

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