One of the MW19 weapons that has returned in this new installment and is available in Warzone 2 is the mythical (and long time META) M13. Now he does it under the name M13B, and his receipt is very different from previous years. There are two options: place an order and buy Plan for about 20 euros/dollars, knowing that the base weapon is not unlocked, even though it can be used, or complete a mission in the DMZ and retrieve the weapon.

The mission is not easy if you play alone. Chemist, the Boss you have to steal it from is pretty tough and many armored enemies follow. Also, it’s inside the radiation zone, so it’s not a walk. Once the Boss is defeated and the weapon is stolen, you should extract it and pray that no one campaigns for the extraction.

You should keep in mind that even if you are playing in a squad, the weapon is only unlocked for the player who draws it, not for everyone. So if you are a group of friends, you will have to repeat the mission several times to get it. However, there is another method. there is something from trapor at least take advantage of all the pros and cons of the game.

Get the M13B and use it in Warzone.

As it turns out, any weapon retrieved from the DMZ is automatically unlocked in the main inventory for use in any game mode. Whether it’s from the Battle Pass or the ones you need to unlock by leveling up various weapons like the Minibuck. So to get the M13B without completing a mission and use it in Warzone 2, you just have to take advantage of it.

Basically, you need a friend who has one or one of detachment completed the mission or obtained the weapon of some enemy. Or more simply, ask a colleague in the Discord group for help who has it.

Now all you have to do is enter the DMZ, ask your partner to drop your M13B on the ground, pick it up and retrieve it. It will automatically unlock in your inventory and you’re done. You don’t need to complete any missions. You just gotta get in, put your gun down and go straight to the loot in the first two minutes of the game. Nothing else.

We have tested this method and can tell you that it works 100%, at least for now until Raven or IW change that dynamic. Logically, in our case, we received it before the mission, for the sake of laughter and because it is a rather funny way. Then we gave it to several colleagues. But if you’re having trouble getting it, you just have to ask nicely for someone whowe’re sure he won’t mind doing you a favor.

Also, keep in mind that partner does not have to let go plan from a chemist, is worth the selected basic weapon in one of the protected weapon slots. Easier impossible. In general, we recommend that you first try to complete the mission on your own or with friends, it’s fun, and laughter is guaranteed with other players on the map.

Source: Hiper Textual

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