on Epic games store you can download the free games of the week, which will be available from today November 3 to November 10, 2022. It’s about filaments And Rising Storm 2: Viet Nam.

filaments is a puzzle game developed by Beard Envy, characterized by quite complex puzzles and focused on a mechanic moving cables from one structure to another.

Rising Storm 2: Viet Namhowever, is a first-person shooter focused on the Vietnam conflict between the US and the Vietcong. The game offers “Multiplayer games for 64 players, over 20 maps, US Army and Marines, Vietnamese People’s Army, Viet Cong, Australian Forces and Republic of Vietnam Army Forces, over 50 weapons, 4 pilotable helicopters, mines, traps and tunnels. cheeky. Authentic. Sandy. Character Customization.”

We remind you to download free games on the Epic Games Store, just go to the appropriate Epic Games Store page at this address. Once the download is complete, the digital copy of the titles will remain at your disposal forever and you can download them to your PC by drawing from the virtual catalog of video games associated with your Epic account.

Source: Lega Nerd

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