It will arrive in bookstores and comic shops on November 25 ZOMBICIDE. THE FIRST DAYa new bundle that is the result of the collaboration between the Publisher Sergio Bonelli And society Come on: an exciting adventure signed by the “dragonerian” couple Vietti-Enoch for the drawings of Alessio Moroni and Marco Itri. This graphic novel from the sci-fi series of the globally successful board game Zombicide Invader describes its incredible world and its heroic protagonists.

ZOMBICIDE. THE FIRST DAY will be a 128-page color tome. Here is the cover signed by Felice Pagliuso, for the colors of Paolo Francescutto.

Zombie killing

A strange virus seems to have hit Earth and now the dead are coming back to life with the sole purpose of devouring the survivors. Hell has arrived and it is in this world suddenly plunged into chaos that a group of brave heroes will have to move, ready to cross what has turned from the city of angels into the realm of nightmare. Firearms, barrel shots, plenty of grit and a bit of healthy madness: when it comes to killing hordes of zombies, our people certainly don’t hold back. And they will have to strike hard and not give up if they want to get to a safe haven and survive the apocalypse…

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Source: Lega Nerd

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