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The new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 bracelet continues to get cheaper: already on sale for 43 euros.


These months of the year are clearly the high season for Xiaomi, which puts up for sale a lot of new devices, especially mobile phones, as well as smart watches and bracelets, its smart bracelets, almost guaranteed success.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is already officially launched in Spain and there are stores like Amazon selling it for over 50 euros. It was said that, the good news is that AliExpress Plaza has already left it well below that figure..

In this store it is sold for 43 euros and with national delivery, that is, it is sent to you from Spain without going through customs and with delivery about three daysa good option if you primarily want to save money.

This is due to the fact that the AliExpress Plaza warehouse is located in our country, and not in China, which greatly speeds up the delivery time.

The 2022 release of Xiaomi’s smart bracelet has several improvements, especially in the sensors, one of the weak points of previous versions. They improve accuracy depending on the brand, both heart rate sensor and others.

In addition to the SpO2 or blood oxygen meter, it includes VO2 Max.which is very useful when playing sports to know exactly what state your cardiovascular system is in and its ability to transport oxygen to the muscles.

It practically retains other features such as sports modes and especially battery, even more than ten days of battery lifemore than enough to not worry about charging the bracelet.

However, smartbands are facing competition from other smartbands that have moved to much larger, more watch-like screens. This happens, for example, with Huawei Band 7 or even with Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro.

Source: Computer Hoy

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