Sandra Barba, the woman who recorded the incident with a Colombian Immigration Service official on November 24, He explained what had happened before he started recording.

According to the statement of the traveler from Brazil, The biometric system at the entrance of international lines did not work. Therefore, he went to the official to ask for help.

However, he did not receive a response. “At the moment, there is another Colombian citizen who has the same problem. He asks the official and at that moment there is an exchange of words and the officer begins to verbally attack the citizen,” Barba told the ‘Red+’ news program.

After the verbal attack, both he and Juan Ramón Camarillo walked away from the man and stood in line to enter the country, but The officer approached and hit the citizen.

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The woman recalls, “He leaves in an angry manner, brings another officer, we wait for the officer to take care of us in line, and the officer comes and punches the citizen in the face”.

After that incident, Sandra Barba decided to take out her cell phone and Record the act of violence and intolerance he witnessed.

“I start the recording and the official starts verbally attacking him. He calls him a jerk and kicks him in the back. I’m already recording there and that’s the video you managed to see,” Barba told the aforementioned news program.


The official also tried to attack him. A woman from Colombian Immigration then intervened and told Barba to calm down.

“He starts telling me to calm down, and I mean, when I’m a citizen who’s definitely going through a violent moment, it just seems inconceivable to me that the authorities don’t calm their partner down and calm me down,” she recalled.

Finally, he concluded his words as follows: “I witnessed the entire conversation the citizen had with the officer, the officer began to mistreat him. I don’t know, he took a wrong step and he thinks it gives him the right to start offending and mistreating people”.

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Source: Exame

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