Microsoft has released a new update for its Xbox app. With this new version, its app draws inspiration from social media like Snapchat or Instagram.where the famous Stories are used to share our favorite content with friends for 24 hours.

However, on this occasion, we will not share photos of our vanilla latte from Starbucks. The novelty allows us share images and videos of our favorite games with all of our friends and the rest of the Xbox community. Moreover, you can also show your accomplishments through these stories.

As with other services of this style, you can reply to your friends’ stories with messages or reactions. This can always be the start of an interesting chat, and it looks like Microsoft wants its users to strengthen their connections.

The new Stories feature for the Xbox app is now available in Australia. It is expected, of course, that add more regions over timeso you have to wait if you want it to come to you. Of course, you can enjoy it whether you have Android or iOS.

Available now in Australia, with other Xbox-enabled regions coming soon. innings actions will be updated in the Xbox app. Stories allow you to showcase your skills and keep up with your friends. Share your favorite gaming moments like game clips, screenshots, and achievements with friends or the Xbox community. You can also reply to your friends’ stories with a quick message or reaction.


How to create stories with the Xbox app

Creating stories in the new version of the Xbox app is easy. You only need Follow these steps:

  1. Press the button ‘+‘ can be found in your gamertag in the story feed section.
  2. Here you can select the screenshot, game clip, or achievement you want to display.
  3. When you select it, you will see a history preview. Here you can add a title to your post.
  4. Now click on Message to upload your story to the Xbox app.

Ready. now all your friends they will be able to see the content from the story feed for a period of 72 hours. In addition, everything shared will also be visible from innings activity on your profile.

The Xbox app isn’t the first to copy this feature.. We have seen them reach Twitter in the past, as well as TikTok, LinkedIn, Netflix, Spotify and other services. However, in the case of Twitter or LinkedIn, this feature was later removed.

Other update news

In addition to bringing stories to Xbox, the company is also notes the inclusion of other novelties. Among them we have Service quality label. This new offering allows Xbox consoles to prioritize specific sections that require outbound and latency-sensitive network traffic. For example, group chat, game streaming, and online multiplayer.

With this new feature, you can “protect your gaming experience from connection issues during congestion on supported networks,” confirmed on the Xbox website.

Source: Hiper Textual

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