Despite the progress of the investigations, no arrests or detentions have been made so far. The Prosecutor’s Office has officially announced the process of a 7-month-old baby’s death in a car while his parents were in a motel in Valledupar. According to preliminary reports, The little boy died from breathing carbon monoxide inside the car left in the parking lot.

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Parent identities revealed Maria Camila Mengual Mojica19 years old and Humberto Manuel Olivilla Pineda23 years old.

The incident occurred at the Santa Bárbara motel in the 12 de Octubre district of that city; A local worker noticed that there was a gasping girl in the car and took her to a medical center where she reported that she had no vital signs.

According to what EL TIEMPO’s Investigation Unit learned, exclusively, the woman said they left the car on so the baby could have air conditioning; without knowing that this is a highly toxic gas leak.

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An unofficial source told EL TIEMPO that on the day of the incident, the minor’s grandmother shared that afternoon with her daughter and granddaughter.

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“Last night was quiet with her daughter and granddaughter. They were at his house on the day of the incident. In the afternoon, her daughter left with the baby.”

Relatives of the couple, who learned that the girl died, came to the motel and blamed each other for the unfortunate incident.

“There was a lot of pain, but there was also guilt. They insulted each other as they tried to find an explanation for the family tragedy. Everyone lives in deep pain,” the source stressed.

It was learned that the mother of the deceased baby also died. She has been studying early childhood care and guidance for two years. At a training institute in that city north of Cesar.

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Officials confirmed that The couple was released because there was no arrest warrant issued by the prosecutor’s office.however, if a republican judge determines that either one of them is responsible for the baby’s death, an investigation is underway that could initiate criminal proceedings or even jail time.


Source: Exame

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