You may think you are making the most of it. Netflix account you have, Whatever. The truth is that almost everyone uses it appropriately, but they are interpreted. some bugs that don’t make the experience the best possible forever. We show you some that are common and affect usability.

There are many things to consider when using Netflix, whether on the phone or at home on your TV. Therefore, it is quite normal to occasionally make an error that can affect performance. Make the most of VOD service options Some examples we’ve mentioned are accessing suggestions or ignoring certain categories. The point is, it’s better to avoid these mistakes.

Avoid making mistakes when using Netflix

We leave you a list that includes: you should changeIf you do make the mistake they refer to always get the best possible user experience with Netflix (and no, that doesn’t apply on other platforms as the way it works is not the same). These are:

  • Evaluate the content you see: This is an option available on Netflix, and many users are not in the habit of doing this after a movie or series has finished. It doesn’t matter why you put something positive or negative, but what you have to do is qualify. And what is the reason for this? Firstly, you will get better recommendations and secondly, other users will be able to benefit from your opinion.
  • Avoid binge eating, it’s not worth it: there are a lot of people who are overly anxious to finish a piece of content right now and that’s not good. You should keep in mind that what you see in general is kept in the platform’s catalog, so it won’t disappear by magic. By consuming it intensely and secondarily, you become less sensitive to the rhythm of the show or movie, while at the same time reducing interest. And this is not good. It’s even bad for your health: TVs are not designed to be watched for hours.
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  • downloads are positive: Don’t forget to use this function if you have an account that allows it. It allows you to have partitions to see if you have a connection or Internet access. Plus, it’s a free tool, which is positive. You can have up to 10 headers if your terminal allows it. If you’re going to be leaving home for a while, such as traveling, you should be proactive.
  • Originals always come first: This is because we are talking about special options, and if you do not see them in time, you may forget about them and miss them in the end. Overall the creations are pretty good quality – there’s a reason Netflix picked them. Therefore, you should always give them a chance… and fast.
  • Quality on mobile devices: If you haven’t downloaded content to watch outside the home, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for a lower quality than what’s agreed for your phone or tablet. This is due to data saving and moreover, not all the devices we mentioned are capable of reproducing 4K. Therefore, do not hesitate to consider this option, which will certainly not affect the user experience.

If you follow these recommendations, you will definitely you will get the most out of the account You will avoid the mistakes that you have with Netflix and also that many users make.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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