try to get one PS5 in the last two years it could not be called anything other than torture. Ever since Sony unveiled its next-gen gaming console in November 2020, it’s been nearly impossible to get hold of the device. High demand, few available units, shortage of chips, speculators, speculators, and price gouging were all ingredients in a recipe for disaster. But the Japanese now say it’s a thing of the past.

During his speech at CES 2023. Jim RyanCEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), assured that the shortage of PS5 is over. Certainly an ambitious statement, and now the Japanese company will have to back it up with facts. “For anyone who wants a PS5, it will now be much easier to find it in retail stores around the world,” he said.

The performer took advantage of the moment on stage to announce that Sony has sold over 30 million PS5s since launch. A very interesting figure considering that 25 million units were sold at the beginning of November; from which it becomes clear that the pace of its sales accelerated significantly in the final part of 2022. In fact, Ryan himself assured that December was the best month for the gaming console in its short history.

“We appreciate the support and patience of the PlayStation community as we meet the unprecedented demand amid the global challenges of the past two years,” the SIE CEO added during his CES keynote.

PS5 shortage finally brings truce

If what Jim Ryan said is true, then hereinafter shouldn’t be so hard anymore get a PS5, regardless of its model. While the shortage of the console eased somewhat in the final months of 2022, the supply was still far from massive.

In some countries, the digital edition was easier to find in the official Sony store. But luck has been mixed when trying to find it through third party platforms. The disc drive version, meanwhile, was even more difficult to obtain, unless it was in a special edition with the game already included. The problem with the latter is that users are forced to pay couple more hundred bucks than the suggested retail price for the console only.

It becomes clear that timing The announcement of a clear end to the PS5 shortage is no coincidence. Let’s not forget that Sony is preparing to launch Playstation VR2, your new VR headset designed for your next generation console. It will be launched on February 22, and its standard version will cost 599.99 euros in Europe.

It is expected that the premiere of the new headset Sony help boost PS5 sales in top markets. According to Jim Ryan, more than 30 games will be available after the launch of PlayStation VR2. Among them, Gran Turismo 7The VR version of which will appear as a free update for those who already own the game.

Everything points to the PS5 getting ready for a great 2023. And let’s not forget that there’s a good chance that the first major version of the console will come out this year. Some dare to predict PS5 Slim or PS5 Proalthough details on this are scarce or absent.

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