Hogwarts Legacy It gets closer each time. The new video game that recreates the magical world of the Harry Potter saga now has an official release date.

Therefore, usersplayers‘ they can experience the magical world on their console.

Launch a few months ago Game Status, showed a video showing a preview and simulation of what the game will be before its release. There it is explained how to play and what challenges will be in it.

It is known that when entering the magical world, you will have to create a character and customize it as you wish, just like a schoolboy. hogwartsThe world’s best-known school of magic and witchcraft.

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Next, he will automatically switch to fifth grade and the sorting hat will choose which house to send him to, the options are the familiar ones: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor.

There, you will be able to enter different classes. It will begin with Art and Defense Against the Dark Arts. In this class, you will learn the spells that you will use later to fight against the enemies you encounter in the game.

Warner Bros. reported it’s ready Hogwarts Legacy and the premiere is scheduled for February 10.

Source: Exame

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