fever for ancient ringConsidered by many to be the best video game of 2022, is still far from complete. An extraordinary world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, continues to attract industry attention. This time, however, the title attracted attention because streamer showed that it is possible play smartuntil a certain point…

This is Perrikjaral, whose Twitch following has grown exponentially since he revealed his amazing experiment. With the help of an electroencephalogram, he was able to monitor the activity of his brain. The most interesting thing is that transformed part of the received signals into offensive actions inside ancient ring. Something like creating hot keys, but through the head.

“I use an EEG to monitor my brain activity live on a screen. I then trained it to recognize certain states and connected it to my attack key. It picks up various electrical activities and patterns in my brain and can tell the difference between how it normally behaves when I’m talking to you and when I visualize a seizure,” he says.

How did he manage to turn brain activity into decisive action in ancient ring? Of course, with the help of special software that only works on a PC. Besides, admit that he did period of study to reach through his mind the appropriate state to perform the action.

One of the questions you might have at this point is if Perricaryal has knowledge in this area or if he just participated in a test designed by someone else. In fact, she is a psychologist, but also enjoys creating content on Twitch. With this experiment, he managed to combine his two activities, and the result left us all speechless. The clip didn’t take long to go viral among the huge community. ancient ring.

It is not yet possible to fully control the character ancient ring

ancient ring

To show that he is not engaging in any sort of “cheating”, including resorting to special commands involving the use of his legs, Perricaryal briefly stood up from his chair. In fact, an electroencephalogram was connected to his head.

At this point, yes, Perrikarial was only trying to convert his brain patterns into an attacking movement. ancient ring. Then, until you can fully control the character. Of course, this would already be a process of greater complexity.

This isn’t the first time someone wants to enjoy a video game just by using their mind. However, they were mostly simple experiments to demonstrate the capabilities of various technologies.

Without going into details, let’s say that the startup Neuralink, headed by Elon Musk, has been developing a brain implant for many years. One of his last feats was precisely to make the monkey play pong with your mind. Of course, Neuralink technology is not created for this.

But who knows, maybe in the future it will become an option to complement the traditional team. In recent years, we have seen games evolve into experiences that could only be imagined in sci-fi novels before. An example is virtual reality.

Source: Hiper Textual

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