The Riki group of companies, creator of the popular children’s animated series Fixiki and Smeshariki, plans to launch its own line of clothing and footwear in 2023. To implement the idea, domestic designers will be attracted, Yulia Nemchina, general director of Riki, told RBC. .

The creator of “Fixiki” and “Smeshariki” will be engaged in the production of clothing.

The creation of clothes is planned in collaboration with Russian manufacturers, references to cartoon motifs and characters are considered as the concept of the collection. According to Nemchina, the line will include clothing for adults and children. It is still unknown with whom exactly the group will conclude a cooperation agreement.

Additionally, “Ricky” set his sights on developing the musical direction. According to the CEO of the group, the company sees prospects in expanding this portfolio. We talked about the distribution of compositions of the animated series.

“We are also planning to release a full music album. We want to develop this area on our own, working with different distributors”, explained Nemchina.

In 2021, Warner Music Russia signed an agreement with the Riki Group under which the American company received an exclusive license for digital distribution and promotion of compositions by Smeshariki and Malyshariki. In March, as part of the sanctions against Russia, Warner Music suspended its operations in Russia. Whether the agreement to promote Riki’s content worldwide is currently in effect, the group did not specify.

Earlier it became known that the structures of the former top managers of Warner Music Russia received the music label Kiss Koala. He manages the Sony Music catalog that left the country in Russia.

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Natalia Gormaleva

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