For this reason, it was decided to continue the hearing of the insurance measure request on Wednesday, February 1st. American John Poulos for the murder of Valentina Trespalacios.

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With the change of the new translator and defense lawyer, The prosecution hopes to make progress in discovering some of the evidence it will demand not only be sent to jail, but also sentenced to 40 years in prison.

EL TIEMPO specifically reveals the story of the waiter who entered the apartment 802 where the 21-year-old DJ is located. He would drown on Sunday, January 22. He also first published the testimony of the man from the car rental company, whom Valentina said he felt was driving him.

This newspaper is also Poulos’ He sent the DJ money and gifts. She could even pay for a recent plastic surgery.

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As part of the evidence pertaining to Poulos’ alleged cellopathic profile, the prosecution will confirm the pursuit and violence. In addition, according to the information released by EL TIEMPO, the latter was a regular customer of platforms for webcam models and sex workers.

However, inspectors have a testimony. This will help support that Poulos has been targeting Valentina for months.

This is a cryptocurrencies and marijuana investor that the young woman has been with for nearly a year. The statement is from January 24, two days after the murder.

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The businessman’s narrative began as follows:I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it. I’m starting to see that I have missed calls and messages; Since I live with a friend named Sebastián, I wake him and his girlfriend and tell them.: “They tell me that Valentina is dead (…) they sent me a newspaper article, where it is not mentioned, it is written that they only found a body in Fontibón”.

Everything seems to indicate that The place Valentina interacted most with before she was killed was in Santiago Luna.

“I spoke to him via message on the social network Instagram at 2:20 pm on Saturday, January 21. There, I complained about a dinner photo he shared. So I asked him who he was with, and he, along with some of his friends, replied: and blames me for my trips with my friends in Medellín. So I sent him a hand emoji and the last message he sent me was: ‘Hmm, are we like this?’. The young man, who said, “I left it as it is seen,” gave a statement to the prosecutor’s office.

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Investigators believe the dinner photo corresponds to the restaurant where Poulos took the DJ. And Luna’s messages were the ones the American saw when Valentina unlocked her cell phone (with facial recognition) when she fell asleep.

According to the businessman, he arrived in Medellín a week ago and went out to dinner with two of his friends, and Valentina made a claim against him after he put his situation on the net.

“He’s angry. The next day he calms down and we talk and he tells me he won’t waste our last days together. She writes that we are only a few days away from being together and that she has to tell me something in person, that she doesn’t know how to stand it.…” Luna explained.

Looks like Valentina was going to announce that she was going to live with Poulos.

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“We’re meeting on Wednesday, January 18. He’s staying with me at my apartment on 159th Street. We’re staying too.”
He accompanies my meetings and meals in my apartment on Thursday; on Friday, when we are already January 20, he She says she will go clean up, leave everything to her mother and just go with her bags. I offer to accompany him, he says not to accompany him, that it is not necessary, that a friend will put him in the car and asks for transportation to his house with his mobile phone.‘ said the young man.

They spoke on WhatsApp, she recounts, and Valentina told her, “I’ve already finished packing everything. I took advantage of this to not carry too much and took off a lot of things I wasn’t wearing.”

According to Luna, It was 6:28 pm, and a minute later she said, “They’ve already come for me and helped me carry the bags and I’m going to the new flat…”

In the last message, Valentina promised to show him the apartment on Monday, January 23.”

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I write to him: ‘Now, then finally I want to see who he will live with’. he writes to me there
“…with my cat, so I want another cat…”. There I told him that I was thinking about it with more people and he replied: “No baby, although Silvana suddenly came and stayed with me in Bogota for a few months.
”. This was at 11:58 p.m. on Friday, January 20.”

On Saturday, January 21st, at 7:42 am, Valentina sent Luna a new message: “Good morning baby, have a great day.”

Luna says by then she was already angry with him and did not respond to him. When he learned that the woman found dead in the suitcase, thrown into the garbage container, he wrote her the last message: “Tell me this isn’t true”.

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