In the digital age, we are constantly communicating through screens. Whether it’s making a video call, texting, reading news or having fun, there are numerous electronic devices that assist users with these tasks, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions and computers.

While we know that it is always necessary to be very careful with each of these devices – they are very delicate after all – accidents can happen. But there are some tools that can help people with protection, especially screens: movies.

rock field

Thus, in this context, it has been an innovation that has attracted the attention of consumers. Would you like to know more about the subject? Check the details below!

rock area contains TPU Hydrogel for electronic protection

Simple daily actions can damage electronic devices. Putting a smartphone in a bag, cleaning up some dirt, or repelling a bug on a PC screen without flannel are some examples of when use can cause these. Thinking about how to protect them in this way can guarantee a longer lifespan for the devices.

Due to the variety of devices, it’s also important to consider the type of movie that will suit them all. Rock field has the solution by offering TPU Hydrogel film. Thanks to the Smart Plotter, customizations can be done in about 30 seconds, ensuring protection is almost instantaneous.

rock field

Dimensions can vary greatly and can reach up to 16 inches. To do this, go to a store that has a Smart Plotter and ask for a custom cut. Best of all, not only the screens can take the film, but also the body of the device as a whole. For example, if you are a user of Apple products, there is a certain cutout in the film in the logo area so that the “apple” attribute remains as evidence.

So what are the advantages of TPU Hydrogel? In addition to being thinner than window films in general, it is a film with more resistance that does not compromise the basic functions of electronics such as touch and face recognition.

However, Hydrogel TPUs are also malleable and show some differences in their core mechanism. In this sense, it is possible to find interesting effects such as anti-privacy, which prevents people around them from seeing what is happening on the mobile phone screen.

rock field

Also, in addition to the self-healing function, it also has a matte effect, which provides eye protection and succeeds in being anti-glare, as it is anti-blue light; long run. The rock area is guaranteed to heal within 48 hours.

Sustainably, TPU Hydrogel is easy to decompose and its material can be quietly recycled to become new objects in the future. It is worth noting that in the catalog of options, rock space already offers more than 19 thousand registered cut models, and their automatic updating opens up more possibilities as time goes on. So you can also choose any custom format smaller than 16 inches.

Did you like the news? So make sure you know more about rock space movies right now!

Source: Tec Mundo

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