About 450,000 pesos per day would be paid by John Poulos as he followed DJ Valentina Trespalacio’s moves for weeks.S.

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That’s a private detective’s fee Includes real-time monitoring, photos and videos. Also monitoring in restaurants and other public places.

Poulos himself, To whom did the prosecution accuse the charges of qualified femicide and destruction of evidence?confessed to DJ that she hired a detective after a jealousy incident.

As Valentina’s mother, Laura Hidalgo, told the prosecution, Follow-ups would be recorded after Poulos saw in a video a friend put his hand on Valentina’s leg..

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After that part, DJ made a strong claim about him, stopped talking to him and even blocked him from their networks. However, after her brother mediated, the mother said she made peace with who her murderer would be.

EL TIEMPO exclusively found that the investigators of the case were proceeding where the private detective was located. Actually, He is trying to determine whether the reports and photos he will deliver to Poulos in real time are part of the data Poulos deleted after Sunday, January 22, when Valentina drowned. and dumped in a trash can in an American suitcase.

EL TIEMPO agreed on a preliminary report on the subject of private detective and talked to his relatives about DJ’s work.

One of them apparently said that “the investigator followed him to all the places he was going to play and He sent Valentina’s photos to Poulos in real time.HE”.

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For this reason The surveillance of many places Valentina played, especially the Restrepo neighborhood, was not overlooked. and the residential complex in the town of Rafael Uribe, where he lived with his mother.

The hiring of the detective and reports of his passing will confirm Poulos’ jealous behavior.

In this research, Laptops, USB flash drives are also important and the American’s cell phone.

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EL TIEMPO does not extract data about the detective’s default location so as not to affect the investigation.

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Source: Exame

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